†family Phyllocrinidae Jaekel 1907 (Sea lily)

Crinoidea - Cyrtocrinida - Phyllocrinidae

Parent taxon: Eugeniacrinitoidea according to H. Hess 2012

See also Hess and Messing 2011, Rasmussen 1961 and Salamon 2009

Sister taxa: Ancepsicrinus, Capsicocrinus, Castaneacrinus, Crataegocrinus, Eugeniacrinitidae, Fischericrinus, Fusicrinus, Gutticrinidae, Hoyacrinidae, Ninocrinus, Psalidocrinidae, Sclerocrinidae

Subtaxa: Apsidocrinus Nerocrinus Phyllocrinus Scutellacrinus Ticinocrinus

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Type: Phyllocrinus

Ecology: stationary epifaunal suspension feeder


• Cretaceous of Austria (1 collection), France (1), Poland (1), Spain (1)

• Jurassic of Austria (1), France (5)

Total: 10 collections including 12 occurrences

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