†family Archaeohyracidae Ameghino 1897 (notoungulate)

Mammalia - Notoungulata - Archaeohyracidae

Full reference: F. Ameghino. 1897. Mammiféres crétacés de l’Argentine (Deuxième contribution à la connaissance de la fauna mammalogique de couches à Pyrotherium) [Cretaceous mammals of Argentina (second contribution to the knowledge of the mammalian fauna of the Pyrotherium Beds)]. Boletin Instituto Geografico Argentino 18(4–9):406-521

Parent taxon: Typotherioidea according to M. A. Reguero and F. J. Prevosti 2010

See also Ameghino 1897, Carroll 1988, Gregory 1910, Reguero et al. 2008, Simpson 1934 and Simpson 1967

Sister taxa: none

Subtaxa: Archaeohyrax Archaeotypotherium Bryanpattersonia Eohyrax Isolophodon Pascualhyrax Protarchaeohyrax Pseudhyrax Punahyrax

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Type: Archaeohyrax

Ecology: scansorial herbivore


• Deseadan of Argentina (15 collections), Bolivia (4)

• Oligocene of Argentina (8), Chile (2)

• Tinguirirican of Argentina (1)

• Eocene to Oligocene of Argentina (1), Peru (1)

• Eocene to Miocene of Argentina (1)

• Eocene of Argentina (29)

• Paleocene of Argentina (1)

Total: 63 collections including 92 occurrences

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