Tribe Tachinusini Fleming 1821

Insecta - Coleoptera - Staphylinidae

Alternative spelling: Tachinidae

Full reference: J. Fleming. 1821. Insecta. Supplement to the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Editions of the Encyclopaedia Britannica 5:41-56

Parent taxon: Tachyporinae according to S. Yamamoto 2021

Sister taxa: Abscondus, Acylophorus immotus, Tachyporini, Tachyporoides, Vatesini

Subtaxa: Hesterniasca Mesotachinus Nitidotachinus Protachinus Tachinus

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Type: Tachinus


• Quaternary of Greenland (4 collections), the Russian Federation (16), the United Kingdom (4), United States (15: Alaska, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Washington)

• Miocene of the Russian Federation (1)

• Eocene of United States (4: Colorado)

• Cretaceous of China (2)

• Jurassic of Australia (1), Kazakhstan (4)

Total: 51 collections including 66 occurrences

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