†order Ophiopsiformes Ebert 2018 (ray-finned fish)

Actinopteri - Ophiopsiformes

Full reference: M. Ebert. 2018. Cerinichthys koelblae, gen. et sp. nov., from the Upper Jurassic of Cerin, France, and its phylogenetic setting, leading to a reassessment of the phylogenetic relationships of Halecomorphi (Actinopterygii). Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 38(e1420071)

Parent taxon: Halecomorphi according to M. Ebert 2018

Sister taxa: Cipactlichthys, Ionoscopidae, Ionoscopiformes, Isopholidae, Ophiopsiidae, Panxianichthyiformes, Parasemionotiformes, Prosantichthys, Sinamiidae

Subtaxa: Ophiopsiellidae

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• Cretaceous of Brazil (1 collection), Lebanon (2), Mexico (3), United States (8: Texas)

Total: 14 collections each including a single occurrence

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