†unranked clade Aleodontinae Martinelli et al. 2024 (cynodont)

Osteichthyes - Therapsida - Chiniquodontidae

Full reference: A. G. Martinelli, M. D. Ezcurra, L. E. Fiorelli, J. Escobar, E. M. Hechenleitner, M. B. Baczko, J. R. A. Taborda and J. B. Desojo. 2024. A new early-diverging probainognathian cynodont and a revision of the occurrence of cf. Aleodon from the Chañares Formation, northwestern Argentina: New clues on the faunistic composition of the latest Middle–?earliest Late Triassic Tarjadia Assemblage Zone. The Anatomical Record

Parent taxon: Chiniquodontidae according to A. G. Martinelli et al. 2024

Sister taxa: Chiniquodon, Deccanodon, Lepagia

Subtaxa: Riojanodon

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Distribution: found only at Campo de Córdoba Norte (Triassic of Argentina)

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