†subfamily Chasmosaurinae Lambe 1915 (ceratopsid)

Reptilia - Neornithischia - Ceratopsidae

Full reference: L. M. Lambe. 1915. On Eoceratops canadensis, gen. nov., with remarks on other genera of Cretaceous horned dinosaurs. Canada Geological Survey Museum Bulletin 12, Geological Series 24:1-49

Parent taxon: Ceratopsidae according to E. M. Morschhauser et al. 2019

See also Brown and Henderson 2015, Dodson 1997, Dodson 1997, Dodson and Currie 1990, Dodson et al. 2004, Eberth et al. 2001, Farke 2004, Farke et al. 2011, Godfrey and Holmes 1995, Lambe 1915, Lehman 1989, Lehman 1990, Lehman 1996, Longrich 2010, Longrich 2013, Longrich 2014, Maidment and Barrett 2011, Mallon et al. 2014, Ryan 2007, Ryan and Evans 2005, Ryan and Russell 2005, Sereno 1997, Wu et al. 2007 and Xu et al. 2010

Sister taxa: Agathaumas, Bison alticornis, Centrosaurinae, Ceratopsinae, Ceratopsipes, Monocloniinae, Pachyrhinosaurinae, Polyonax, Triceratops galeus, Triceratops ingens, Triceratops maximus, Ugrosaurus, Proceratops

Subtaxa: Agujaceratops Anchiceratops Arrhinoceratops Bravoceratops Ceratops Chasmosaurus Coahuilaceratops Judiceratops Kosmoceratops Medusaceratops Mercuriceratops Pentaceratops Spiclypeus Triceratopsini Utahceratops Vagaceratops

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Type: Chasmosaurus

Ecology: ground dwelling herbivore


• Cretaceous of Canada (55: Alberta, Saskatchewan collections), Mexico (1), United States (198: Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Wyoming)

Total: 254 collections including 260 occurrences

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