Family Anacardiaceae Brown 1818 (cashew)

Angiospermae - Sapindales - Anacardiaceae

Full reference: R. Brown. 1818. Appendix No. 5: Observations, systematical and geographical, on Professor Christian Smith's collection of plants from the vicinity of the River Congo. Narrative of an expedition to explore the river Zaire, usually called the Congo, in South Africa, in 1816 420-485

Parent taxon: Sapindales according to The Angiosperm Phylogeny Group 2016

See also Chandler 1961, Chandler 1962, Chandler 1963, Knowlton 1919, Knowlton 1926, Mabberley 2000, MacGinitie 1941 and Taylor et al. 2008

Sister taxa: Aurantiaceae, Biebersteiniaceae, Burseraceae, Cneoraceae, Coahuiloxylon, Dodonaeaceae, Ilicaceae, Kirkiaceae, Lampetia, Meliaceae, Nitrariaceae, Paleosantalaceaepites, Ptaeroxylaceae, Rutaceae, Sapindaceae, Simaroubaceae

Subtaxa: Anacardiophyllum Anacardioxylon Anacardites Anacardium Astronium Astroniumxylon Biloculocarpon Bouea Buchanania Buchananioxylon Campnosperma Choerospondias Colombicarpum Comocladia Cotinus Dracontocarya Dracontomelon Dracontomelumoxylon Drimycarpus Edenoxylon Gluta Glutoxylon Haplorhus Heterocalyx Holarrhena Holigarnoxylon Lannea Lanneoxylon Lobaticarpum Mangifera Mangiferoxylon Melanorrhoea Metopium Nothopegia Pentoperculum Pistacia Pleiogynium Pseudosclerocarya Pulcheripollenites Rhoideae Rhoidium Rhus Schinopsis Schinoxylon Schinus Schmaltzia Semecarpites Spondiae Spondiaecarpon Spondicarya Swintonia Swintonioxylon Tapirira Teschia Trilobium Xylocarya

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Ecology: "photoautotroph"

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