†family Dennstaedtiaceae Lotsy (ferns)

Pteridopsida - Polypodiales - Dennstaedtiaceae

Parent taxon: Polypodiales according to N. A. Jud 2011

See also Mabberley 2000 and McIver and Basinger 1993

Sister taxa: Aspidium, Aspleniaceae, Blechnaceae, Davallia, Drynaria, Dryopteridaceae, Histiopteris, Nephrolepis, Polypodiisporites, Pteridaceae, Pteridium, Pyrrosia, Saportaea, Stramineopteris, Solenostelopteris, Gleichenites, Tigrisporites, Pterisorus, Acrostichopteris

Subtaxa: Dennastra Dennstaedtia Hypolepis Microlepiopsis

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• Quaternary of Australia (5 collections)

• Eocene of United States (1: Washington)

• Cretaceous of Canada (2: Alberta), United States (6: Idaho, Wyoming)

Total: 14 collections including 15 occurrences

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