†family Myristicaceae Brown 1810

Magnoliopsida - Magnoliales - Myristicaceae

Parent taxon: Magnoliales according to D.J. Mabberley 2000

See also McIver and Basinger 1993 and Taylor et al. 2008

Sister taxa: Amborellaceae, Annonaceae, Austrobaileyaceae, Calycanthaceae, Canellaceae, Chloranthaceae, Degeneriaceae, Endressinia, Eupomatiaceae, Gomortegaceae, Hernandiaceae, Himantandraceae, Lactoridaceae, Lauraceae, Magnoliaceae, Monimiaceae, Trimeniaceae

Subtaxa: Myristica Myristicacarpum

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• Quaternary of Australia (2 collections)

• Miocene of Germany (1)

• Eocene to Miocene of Argentina (1)

• Eocene of Germany (1)

Total: 5 collections each including a single occurrence

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