†family Diademodontidae Haughton 1925 (therapsid)

Osteichthyes - Therapsida - Diademodontidae

Synonym: Gomphognathidae

Parent taxon: Gomphodontia according to J. F. Bonaparte 2012

See also Carroll 1988, Haughton and Brink 1954, Kemp 1982 and Kuhn 1946

Sister taxa: Boreogomphodon, Diademodon, Traversodontidae, Trirachodontidae

Subtaxa: Cynochampsa Cynochampsa laniaria Titanogomphodon

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Ecology: herbivore


• Jurassic of South Africa (1 collection)

• Triassic of Namibia (1), Tanzania (1)

Total: 3 collections each including a single occurrence

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