†family Cyrtolitidae Miller 1889 (mollusk)

Tergomya - Cyrtonellida - Cyrtolitidae

Full reference: S. A. Miller. 1889. North American geology and palaeontology for the use of amateurs, students and scientists 1-664

Parent taxon: Cyrtonellida according to J.O.R. Ebbestad and E. L. Yochelson 2000

See also Frýda 1999, Horný 1992, Knight et al. 1960, Runnegar and Jell 1976, Starobogatov 1970 and Wahlman 1992

Sister taxa: Aremellia, Carcassonnellidae, Cyrtonelloidea, Hamusella, Pollicinidae, Tetamocornu, Yangtzeconus

Subtaxa: Carcassonnellinae Cloudia Cyclocyrtonella Cyrtolites Cyrtonellopsis Kolihadiscus Neocyrtolites Paracyrtolites Quasisinuites Sinuella Sinuitopsina Sinuitopsis Telamocornu Yochelsonellis

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Ecology: slow-moving low-level epifaunal grazer


• Devonian of the Czech Republic (7 collections), United States (9: Maine, New York)

• Silurian of Australia (1), the Czech Republic (7), the United Kingdom (1), United States (1: Indiana)

• Dobrotivian of the Czech Republic (1), Morocco (1)

• Letna of the Czech Republic (1)

• Whiterockian of United States (1: Minnesota)

• Ordovician of Australia (1), Canada (19: Ontario, Quebec, Québec), the Czech Republic (19), Estonia (4), Morocco (4), the United Kingdom (18), United States (107: Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Tennessee)

• Cambrian of Canada (1: Alberta), the United Kingdom (2), United States (5: Alabama, Montana, Texas, Utah)

Total: 210 collections including 243 occurrences

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