Family Schizochitonidae Dall 1885 (chiton)

Polyplacophora - Neoloricata - Schizochitonidae

Parent taxon: Ischnochitonina according to A. G. Smith 1973

See also Beesley 1998 and Ladd 1966

Sister taxa: Callistoplacidae, Mopaliidae, Pterygochiton

Subtaxa: Aulacochiton Lorica Loricella Oochiton Schizochiton

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Ecology: facultatively mobile epifaunal grazer


• Quaternary of the Marshall Islands (2 collections)

• Miocene of the Marshall Islands (7), Palau (1)

• Cretaceous of Puerto Rico (1)

Total: 11 collections each including a single occurrence

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