Subfamily Thecaliinae Dall 1903 (clam)

Bivalvia - Carditida - Carditidae

Parent taxon: Carditidae according to J. G. Carter et al. 2011

See also Bieler and Mikkelsen 2006, Bouchet et al. 2010, Moore 1992 and Vokes 1980

Sister taxa: Ainicardita, Cardiocardita, Cardita, Carditamera, Carditamerinae, Carditesinae, Carditinae, Crassicardia, Glans, Gujocardita, Ludbrookia, Lunulicardita, Maghrebella, Miodomeridinae, Miodontiscus, Pleuromeris, Schizocardita, Venericardiinae, Venericardinae, Vetericardiella, Xenocardita

Subtaxa: Milneria Thecalia

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Ecology: facultatively mobile infaunal suspension feeder


• Quaternary of Mexico (2 collections), United States (4: California)

Total: 6 collections each including a single occurrence

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