Family Goneplacidae MacLeay 1838 (crab)

Malacostraca - Decapoda - Goneplacidae

Full reference: W. S. MacLeay. 1838. On the Brachyurous Decapod Crustacea brought from the Cape by Dr. Smith. In Illustrations of the Annulosa of South Africa; being a portion of the objects of Natural History chiefly collected during an expedition into the interior of South Africa, under the direction of Dr. Andrew Smith, in the years 1834, 1835, and 1836; fitted out by "THe Cape of Good Hope Association for Exploring Central Africa". 53-71

Parent taxon: Xanthoidea according to R. M. Feldmann et al. 2003

See also Jenkins 1975, Karasawa and Schweitzer 2006 and Schweitzer et al. 2010

Sister taxa: Actaeites, Actaeopsis, Caprocancer, Colpocaris, Cretachlorodius, Domeciidae, Eoxanthias, Gwana, Megaxantho, Muelleroplax, Panopeidae, Paraxanthosia, Pilumnidae, Pilumnomimus, Pregeryona, Prochlorodius, Pseudorhombilidae, Syphaxiella, Tanaocheleidae, Tetraliidae, Thelecarcinus, Thelphusograpsus, Trapeziidae, Woodbinax, Xanthidae, Xanthosioides

Subtaxa: Amydrocarcinus Carcinoplax Goneplacinae Gonoplax Icriocarcinus Kowaicarcinus Magyarcarcinus Ommatocarcinus Psopheticus

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Ecology: carnivore


• Quaternary of Australia (1 collection)

• Pliocene of Australia (1), Italy (1), Japan (3), New Zealand (1)

• Neogene of Italy (1)

• Miocene of Australia (13), Italy (1), Japan (14), Malaysia (1)

• Oligocene of Japan (1)

• Eocene of Antarctica (1), Mexico (2), New Zealand (1)

• Paleogene of Italy (1), Mexico (1)

• Cenozoic of Italy (1)

• Cretaceous of Mexico (2)

Total: 47 collections including 55 occurrences

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