Family Brenthidae Billberg 1820 (weevil)

Insecta - Coleoptera - Brenthidae

Full reference: G. J. Billberg. 1820. Enumeratio Insectorum in Museo Gust. Joh. Billberg 1-138

Parent taxon: Curculionoidea according to R. A. Crowson 1981

Sister taxa: Akulosamphus, Allocorynidae, Anthribidae, Apionidae, Attelabidae, Belidae, Brentidae, Caridae, Cimberididae, Curculionidae, Erirhinidae, Loricera glacialis, Mesophyletidae, Nemonychidae

Subtaxa: none


Distribution: there are no occurrences of Brenthidae in the database

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