†order Kiringellida Rozov 1975 (mollusk)

Tergomya - Kiringellida

Alternative spelling: Kirengellida

Full reference: S. N. Rozov. 1975. A new order of the Monoplacophora. Paleontological Journal 15(1):39-43

Parent taxon: Tergomya according to P. J. Wagner 2017

See also Rozov 1975 and Runnegar and Jell 1976

Sister taxa: Archinacellida, Cyrtonellida, Hypseloconida, Scenelloidea, Tryblidiida

Subtaxa: Hypseloconidae

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Ecology: slow-moving low-level epifaunal grazer


• Ordovician of the Czech Republic (3 collections), North Korea (2), Norway (3), Spain (1), United States (6: Missouri, New York)

• Cambrian of Antarctica (2), China (1), United States (8: Alabama, Minnesota, Missouri)

Total: 26 collections including 31 occurrences

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