†family Pterothecidae Wenz 1938 (snail)

Gastropoda - Bellerophontida - Pterothecidae

Full reference: W. Wenz. 1938. Handbuch der Paläozoologie; Gastropoda. Handbuch der Paläozoologie 1-240

Parent taxon: Bellerophontoidea according to P. Bouchet et al. 2017

See also Bouchet et al. 2005 and Golikov and Starobogatov 1975

Sister taxa: Bellerophontidae, Blodgettinotus, Bucanellidae, Bucaniidae, Cymbulariidae, Euphemitidae, Knightitidae, Plectonotidae, Sinuitidae, Temnodiscidae, Thoralispira, Yochelsoniidae

Subtaxa: Carinaropsinae Pedasiolinae Pterothecinae

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Type: Pterothecinae

Ecology: epifaunal detritivore


• Givetian of France (3 collections)

• Devonian of the Czech Republic (1), Germany (2), United States (12: Nevada, New York, Ohio)

• Silurian of Canada (1: Nova Scotia), the Czech Republic (2), Spain (1), the United Kingdom (21)

• Ordovician of Bolivia (1), Canada (17: Ontario, Quebec), the Czech Republic (1), Estonia (3), the United Kingdom (8), United States (59: Illinois, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Tennessee)

Total: 132 collections including 146 occurrences

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