Trigonia (Trigonia) Bruguiere 1789 (clam)

Bivalvia - Trigoniida - Trigoniidae

Parent taxon: Trigonia according to Bruguiere 1789

Sister taxa: Trigonia (Clavitrigonia), Trigonia (Heslingtonia), Trigonia (Kumatrigonia), Trigonia (Modestella), Trigonia (Prosogyrotrigonia), Trigonia (Protrigonia), Trigonia analoga, Trigonia antiqua, Trigonia bowersiana, Trigonia branneri, Trigonia castani, Trigonia castrovillensis, Trigonia churchi, Trigonia colusaensis, Trigonia coqueiroensis, Trigonia cragini, Trigonia depauperata, Trigonia eufaulensis gabbi, Trigonia eufaulensis moorei, Trigonia evansana, Trigonia guildi, Trigonia hemisphaerica, Trigonia imbricata, Trigonia intersitans, Trigonia kefersteini, Trigonia kitchini, Trigonia klamathonia, Trigonia maastrichtiana, Trigonia maloneana, Trigonia marginata, Trigonia mearnsi, Trigonia melhasei, Trigonia montanaensis, Trigonia orientalis, Trigonia orientalis, Trigonia papuana, Trigonia perrinsmithi, Trigonia picteti, Trigonia plana, Trigonia pseudocaudata, Trigonia pseudocrenulata, Trigonia pullus, Trigonia rebouli, Trigonia reesidei, Trigonia resoluta, Trigonia reticulata, Trigonia saavedra, Trigonia semiculta, Trigonia somaliensis, Trigonia stantoni, Trigonia stolleyi, Trigonia suborbicularis, Trigonia sulcata, Trigonia tabacoensis, Trigonia taffi, Trigonia thierachensis, Trigonia undulatocostata, Trigonia weaveri, Trigonia wheelerensis

Subtaxa: Trigonia (Trigonia) signicollina

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Ecology: facultatively mobile infaunal suspension feeder


• Jurassic of India (68 collections), New Zealand (2), Spain (11), Thailand (2)

Total: 83 collections including 97 occurrences

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