Nucula (Lamellinucula) Schenck 1944 (nut clam)

Bivalvia - Nuculida - Nuculidae

Alternative spelling: Lamellinucula

Parent taxon: Nucula according to E. V. Coan and P. Valentich-Scott 2012

See also Coan et al. 2000, Eames 1951, Hendy 2020, Hertlein and Grant 1972, Huber 2010, Moore 1983, Sepkoski 2002, Spencer et al. 2004, Todd 2001, Vokes 1980 and Zinsmeister 1983

Sister taxa: Nucula (Deminucula), Nucula (Gibbonucula), Nucula (Linucula), Nucula (Nucula), Nucula (Pronucula), Nucula (Rumptunucula), Nucula (Varinucula), Nucula acutula, Nucula alcocki, Nucula amica, Nucula andersoni, Nucula assiniboiensis, Nucula athabaskensis, Nucula bifida, Nucula bocconis, Nucula brewsterensis, Nucula calcicola, Nucula cancellata, Nucula cancellata, Nucula carantana, Nucula catalina, Nucula certisinus, Nucula chargensis, Nucula coelata, Nucula complanata, Nucula concinna, Nucula cordata, Nucula cossmanni, Nucula costaeimbricatis, Nucula crenulata, Nucula crepida, Nucula curvata, Nucula darella, Nucula delphinodonta, Nucula dimidiata, Nucula domandaensis, Nucula eightsii, Nucula etheridgei, Nucula excavata, Nucula expansa, Nucula gabbiana, Nucula goldfussii, Nucula greppini, Nucula hannibali, Nucula hausmanni, Nucula impressa, Nucula inflata, Nucula isosceles, Nucula joanniswanneri, Nucula karatsuensis, Nucula lateralis, Nucula latissima, Nucula lucida, Nucula major, Nucula mancorensis, Nucula margaritifera, Nucula martini, Nucula matani, Nucula mayeri, Nucula micheleae, Nucula monroensis, Nucula morundiana, Nucula mucronata, Nucula munsteri, Nucula narica, Nucula nejdensis, Nucula nitidosa, Nucula nizenensis, Nucula njalindungensis, Nucula observatoria, Nucula obtusa, Nucula obtusa, Nucula oppeliana, Nucula orbicella, Nucula ovata, Nucula paboensis, Nucula pectinata, Nucula pectuncularis, Nucula pilkeyi, Nucula planimarginata, Nucula prunicola, Nucula pusilla, Nucula rembangensis, Nucula rescuensis, Nucula reticularis, Nucula ripae, Nucula rossiana, Nucula rotunda, Nucula schlosseri, Nucula scissurata, Nucula sedanensis, Nucula semistriata, Nucula shaleri, Nucula simplex, Nucula sinaria, Nucula smithsoni, Nucula solitaria, Nucula speciosa, Nucula stantoni, Nucula stephana, Nucula storrsi, Nucula strigilata, Nucula studeri, Nucula subaequilatera, Nucula subcuneata, Nucula subnuda, Nucula subovalis, Nucula subredempta, Nucula subserradensis, Nucula subtransversa, Nucula sundaica, Nucula tallahalaensis, Nucula taphria, Nucula tatriana, Nucula telleri, Nucula tenuis, Nucula tenuistriata, Nucula tersior, Nucula truncata, Nucula turgens, Nucula variabilis, Nucula vestigia, Nucula vicksburgensis, Nucula waikuraensis, Nucula washingtonensis

Subtaxa: Nucula (Lamellinucula) carlottensis Nucula (Lamellinucula) comta Nucula (Lamellinucula) costacallistiformis Nucula (Lamellinucula) depressilunulata Nucula (Lamellinucula) exigua Nucula (Lamellinucula) hartvigiana Nucula (Lamellinucula) iphigenia Nucula (Lamellinucula) jeffreysi Nucula (Lamellinucula) kennedyi Nucula (Lamellinucula) minor Nucula (Lamellinucula) pakistanica Nucula (Lamellinucula) sculpturata Nucula (Lamellinucula) semiornata Nucula (Lamellinucula) soriensis Nucula (Lamellinucula) tamatavica Nucula (Lamellinucula) trigonica

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Ecology: facultatively mobile infaunal deposit feeder-suspension feeder


• Quaternary of Brazil (5 collections), Costa Rica (4), Ecuador (2), Italy (1), United States (22: California), Uruguay (3)

• Pliocene to Pleistocene of Ecuador (1)

• Pliocene of Belgium (1), Costa Rica (5), Ecuador (1), Panama (8), Trinidad and Tobago (7)

• Miocene of Argentina (3), Belgium (11), Bulgaria (2), Denmark (1), Germany (7), India (1), Japan (2), the Netherlands (1), Panama (1), Trinidad and Tobago (2)

• Oligocene to Miocene of Argentina (1)

• Oligocene of Denmark (5), Hungary (1), Japan (1)

• Eocene of France (1), the United Kingdom (2)

• Paleocene of Belgium (2), Poland (1), the Russian Federation (1), United States (1: California)

• Cretaceous of Japan (1)

Total: 108 collections including 109 occurrences

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