Glycymeris americana Defrance 1826 (clam)

Bivalvia - Arcida - Glycymerididae

Alternative combinations: Glycymeris americanus, Pectunculus americanus

Belongs to Glycymeris according to L. W. Ward 1992

See also DuBar 1958, Lovejoy 1992 and Richards et al. 1969

Sister taxa: Glycymeris (Axinactis), Glycymeris (Axinola), Glycymeris (Chevronia), Glycymeris (Ewekoromeris), Glycymeris (Glycymeris), Glycymeris (Grandaxinea), Glycymeris (Hanaia), Glycymeris (Pseudoveletuceta), Glycymeris (Tucetilla), Glycymeris (Veletuceta), Glycymeris anteparilis, Glycymeris arctata, Glycymeris arquilloensis, Glycymeris baumanni, Glycymeris boguensis, Glycymeris brevirostris, Glycymeris cainozoica, Glycymeris canoa, Glycymeris caracoli, Glycymeris carbasina, Glycymeris castaneus, Glycymeris chehalisensis, Glycymeris cisshuensis, Glycymeris colchaguensis, Glycymeris conradi, Glycymeris cookei, Glycymeris cor, Glycymeris corteziana, Glycymeris crashleyi, Glycymeris crescentensis, Glycymeris decussata, Glycymeris delessertii, Glycymeris democraciana, Glycymeris depressa, Glycymeris dispar, Glycymeris dunkeri, Glycymeris eumita, Glycymeris filosa, Glycymeris fulleri, Glycymeris gabrielensis, Glycymeris geinitzii, Glycymeris gembacanus, Glycymeris globosa, Glycymeris glycymeris, Glycymeris gordoni, Glycymeris grayana, Glycymeris grewingki, Glycymeris gwadarensis, Glycymeris hedleyi, Glycymeris hummi, Glycymeris ibari, Glycymeris idensis, Glycymeris idonea, Glycymeris intercostata, Glycymeris jacquoti, Glycymeris kashewarowi, Glycymeris larvata, Glycymeris linda, Glycymeris lisbonensis, Glycymeris longior, Glycymeris maculata, Glycymeris martini, Glycymeris microsulci, Glycymeris mississippiensis, Glycymeris naiadis, Glycymeris nigeriensis, Glycymeris ovata, Glycymeris pacifica, Glycymeris parilis, Glycymeris pectunculus, Glycymeris pentzana, Glycymeris peruvianus, Glycymeris pilosa, Glycymeris pulvinata, Glycymeris puruensis, Glycymeris quilonensis, Glycymeris rectidorsalis, Glycymeris reevi, Glycymeris septentrionalis, Glycymeris shastensis, Glycymeris shrimptoni, Glycymeris sindiensis, Glycymeris sloani, Glycymeris soriensis, Glycymeris spectralis, Glycymeris stamina, Glycymeris staminea, Glycymeris striatularis, Glycymeris suwannensis, Glycymeris tenuisulcatus, Glycymeris terebratularis, Glycymeris thomsoni, Glycymeris trigonella, Glycymeris tumefactus, Glycymeris vancouverensis, Glycymeris viticola, Glycymeris waipipiensis, Glycymeris winlockensis, Glycymeris woodsi, Glycymeris wrigleyi, Glycymeris yoloensis, Axinea idonea, Axinaea viamediae, Axinea conradi, Axinaea wyomingensis, Axinaea barbarensis, Glycymeris (Glycymerula) modesta, Pectunculopsis moguntina, Pectunculus alternans, Pectunculus subtrigonalis, Pectunculus carolinensis, Pectunculus lima, Pectunculus trigonella, Pectunculus cuneus, Pectunculus perplanus, Pectunculus ovatus, Pectunculus subtogoensis, Pectunculus charlestonensis, Pectunculus subauriculatus, Pectunculus polymorphus, Pectunculus nuculatus, Pectunculus idoneus, Pectunculus corbuloides, Pseudaxinaea violascens, Veletuceta flammeus

Ecology: facultatively mobile infaunal suspension feeder


• Quaternary of Bermuda (4 collections), United States (30: Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina)

• Pliocene to Pleistocene of United States (1: Florida)

• Pliocene of United States (27: Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia)

• Miocene of United States (2: Florida, Maryland)

Total: 64 collections each including a single occurrence

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