†subfamily Mycterosaurinae Modesto et al. 2001 (synapsid)

Osteichthyes - Synapsida - Varanopidae

Full reference: S. P. Modesto, C. A. Sidor, B. S. Rubidge and J. Welman. 2001. A second varanopseid skull from the Upper Permian of South Africa: implications for Late Permian ‘pelycosaur’ evolution. Lethaia 34(4):249-259

Parent taxon: Varanopidae according to H. C. Maddin et al. 2006

See also Maho et al. 2019 and Modesto et al. 2001

Sister taxa: Apsisaurus, Archaeovenator, Ascendonanus, Dendromaia, Neovaranopsia, Pyozia, Thrausmosaurus, Thrausmosaurus serratidens

Subtaxa: none

Type: Mycterosaurus


Distribution: found only at Richards Spur (Permian of Oklahoma)

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