†family Monjurosuchidae Endo 1940 (choristodere)

Reptilia - Choristodera - Monjurosuchidae

Full reference: R. Endo. 1940. A new genus of Thecodontia from the Lycoptera Beds in Manchoukuo. Bulletin of the Central National Museum of Manchoukuo 2:1-14

Parent taxon: Choristodera according to K. -Q. Gao and R. C. Fox 2005

See also Benton 1985, Endo 1940 and Gao and Li 2007

Sister taxa: Cteniogenyidae, Cteniogenys, Hyphalosauridae, Hyphalosaurus, Irenosaurus, Khurendukhosaurus, Lazarussuchus, Monjurosuchus, Neochoristodera, Pachystropheus, Shokawa, Simoedosaurus

Subtaxa: Philydrosaurus

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• Cretaceous of China (2 collections)

Total: 2 collections each including a single occurrence

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