†family Therioherpetidae Battail 1991 (cynodont)

Osteichthyes - Therapsida - Therioherpetidae

Synonym: Therioherpetodontidae Bonaparte and Barberena 1975

Parent taxon: Cynodontia according to D. Sigogneau-Russell and G. Hahn 1994

See also Oliveira 2006

Sister taxa: Aelurosuchus, Charassognathidae, Chronoperatidae, Cromptodon, Cynognathidae, Cynognathoidea, Dromatherium, Dviniidae, Epicynodontia, Gaumia, Gomphodontidae, Hahnia, Hwanghocynodon, Kunminia, Madysauridae, Mammaliamorpha, Masitisitherium, Mitredon, Nythosaurus, Procynosuchidae, Riograndidae, Thrinaxodontidae

Subtaxa: Charruodon Meurthodon

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• Triassic of Brazil (1 collection), France (1)

Total: 2 collections each including a single occurrence

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