Pholas (Thovana) Gray 1847 (clam)

Bivalvia - Pholadida - Pholadidae

Alternative spelling: Thovana

Parent taxon: Pholas according to E. V. Coan and P. Valentich-Scott 2012

See also Glenn 1904 and Sepkoski 2002

Sister taxa: Pholas (Monothyra), Pholas (Pholas), Pholas arcuata, Pholas baudoni, Pholas dactylus, Pholas intermedia, Pholas mackiana, Pholas pectorosa

Subtaxa: Pholas (Thovana) campechiensis Pholas (Thovana) chiloensis Pholas (Thovana) producta

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Type: Pholas campechiensis

Ecology: stationary boring suspension feeder


• Quaternary of Angola (1 collection), Ecuador (1), Peru (1), United States (2: South Carolina)

• Miocene of United States (1: Delaware)

Total: 6 collections each including a single occurrence

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