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Cicadellae (leafhopper)

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1802Cicadellae Latreille p. 257
1843Jassidae Amyot and Audinet-Serville
1890Dictyophara bouvei Scudder p. 286 figs. Pl 21 fig 16
1890Jassides Scudder p. 302
1891Cicada forsythii Buckton p. 183 figs. Pl G, fig 26
1906Jassidae Handlirsch p. 501
1916Jassidae Tillyard
1919Jassidae Tillyard
1921Cicadellidae Cockerell
1923Jassidae Meunier p. 83
1923Cicadellidae Tillyard
1941Jassidae Zeuner
1950Jassidae Statz p. 6
1953Jassidae Bode
1964Cicadellidae Becker-Migdisova p. 11
1971Jascopidae Hamilton p. 943
1982Spinidae Hong p. 96
1986Cicadellidae Shcherbakov p. 48
1988Cicadellidae Shcherbakov p. 60
1990Jascopidae Hamilton p. 82
1992Cicadellidae Hamilton p. 423
1992Jascopidae Hamilton p. 425
1996Cicadellidae Cong et al. p. 219
2000Cicadellidae Archibald and Mathewes p. 1443
2005Cicadellidae Szwedo p. 252
2012Cicadellidae Cryan and Urban
2014Cicadellidae Dietrich and Gonçalves p. 3
2017Cicadellidae Dietrich et al. p. 64
2018Cicadellidae Szwedo p. 111
2018Cicadellidae Wang et al. p. 147
2019Cicadellidae Dietrich and Perkovsky p. 129
2019Cicadellidae Szwedo p. 377
2020Cicadellidae Dietrich and Perkovsky p. 181
2021Cicadellidae Dietrich et al. p. 446
2023Cicadellidae Gębicki et al. p. 870

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body height14.50

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