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Lophospira milleri

Gastropoda - Lophospiridae

Murchisonia milleri was named by Miller (1877) [name courtesy of J. Hall; replaces Murchison bicincta. J. Hall in; Replacement name for Murchisonia bicincta Hall 1847 non M. bicincta M’Coy 1846.]. It is a 3D body fossil. It is the type species of Lophospira.

It was recombined as Loxoplocus (Lophospira) milleri by Knight and Bridge (1944); it was recombined as Lophospira milleri by Whitfield (1886), Knight (1941), Wilson (1951), Liberty (1969), Steele and Sinclair (1971), Tofel and Bretsky (1987), Wagner (1995), Wagner (1999) and Wagner (2017).

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1847Murchisonia bicincta Hall p. 177 figs. pl. 38 f. 5a-f, ?g-h
1859Murchisonia asper Billings p. 458
1868Murchisonia bicincta Meek and Worthen
1877Murchisonia milleri Miller p. 244
1886Lophospira milleri Whitfield
1886Lophospira bicincta Whitfield p. 312
1889Murchisonia milleri Lesley
1892Murchisonia milleri Whiteaves
1897Worthenia initialis Koken
1897Lophospira medialis Ulrich and Scofield
1897Lophospira procera Ulrich and Scofield
1897Lophospira aspera Ulrich and Scofield p. 963
1897Lophospira procera Ulrich and Scofield p. 968 figs. pl. 72 f. 9
1897Lophospira medialis Ulrich and Scofield pp. 973-974 figs. not pl. 73 f. 23-29
1906Lophospira excavata Donald pp. 558 – 559 figs. pl. 43 f. 6; txt. f. 1
1908Lophospira seelyi Raymond
1908Murchisonia asper Raymond pp. 189 - 190 figs. pl. 50 f. 2
1908Lophospira seelyi Raymond pp. 190 - 191 figs. pl. 50 f. 3
1919Lophospira bicincta Bassler
1925Worthenia perfecta Koken and Perner p. 161 figs. pl. 28 f 18
1932Lophospira initialis Teichert
1932Lophospira perfecta Teichert
1935Lophospira compressa Endo
1937Lophospira oweni kentlandensis Shrock and Raasch p. 562 figs. Plate 8, Figs. 10-11
1938Lophospira aspera Twenhofel p. 60 figs. pl. 9 f. 4-5
1938Lophospira minuta Wilson p. 29 figs. pl. 2 f. 1
1941Lophospira milleri Knight pp. 179-180 figs. pl. 39 f. 4a-b
1944Loxoplocus (Lophospira) milleri Knight and Bridge
1951Lophospira milleri Wilson p. 36 figs. pl. 5 f. 4
1961Eunema ventricosa
1961Lophospira tienshanensis
1961Eunema ventricosa pp. 381 - 382 figs. pl. 8 f. 3-4
1969Lophospira milleri Liberty
1971Lophospira milleri Steele and Sinclair pp. 14 - 15 figs. pl. 8 f. 6-12
1987Lophospira milleri Tofel and Bretsky pp. 715 - 717 figs. 5.4-5.5
1995Lophospira milleri Wagner p. 177
1999Lophospira milleri Wagner
2017Lophospira milleri Wagner p. S1672

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EubilateriaAx 1987
classGastropodaCuvier 1797

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