Grallator (Eubrontes) Hitchcock 1845 (theropod)

Reptilia - Saurischia - Eubrontidae

Alternative spelling: Eubrontes

Invalid subtaxa: Aetonychopus Ellenberger 1974, Agailopous Branson and Mehl 1932, Agialopous Branson and Mehl 1932, Anchisauripes Lull 1904, Anchisauripus Lull 1904, Anchisauripus (Otouphepus) Cushman 1904, Brontozoum Hitchcock 1847, Chonglongpus Yang and Yang 1987, Chuanchengpus Yang and Yang 1987, Deuterotrisauropus Ellenberger 1965, Fulicopus Hitchcock 1845, Gigadipus Hitchcock 1855, Gigandipus Hitchcock 1855, Gigantitherium Hitchcock 1858, Grallator Hitchcock 1858, Grallator (Anchisauripus) Lull 1904, Hyphepus Hitchcock 1858, Kainotrisauropus Ellenberger 1970, Otouphebus Cushman 1904, Otouphepus Cushman 1904, Paracoelurosaurichnus Zhen et al. 1986, Plastisauropus Ellenberger 1974, Platysauropus Ellenberger 1970 [replaced name], Prototrisauropus Ellenberger 1965, Qemetrisauropus Ellenberger 1970, Weiyuanpus Gao 2007, Youngichnus Zhen et al. 1986

Full reference: E. Hitchcock. 1845. An attempt to name, classify, and describe, the animals that made the fossil footmarks of New England. Sixth Annual Meeeting of the Association of American Geologists and Naturalists, New Haven, CT. Abstract and Proceedings 23-25

Parent taxon: Eubrontidae according to H. Haubold 1971

See also Baird 1954, Baird 1957, Bock 1952, Branson and Mehl 1932, Demathieu 1989, Demathieu and Haubold 1972, Ellenberger 1970, Ellenberger 1974, Gand 1974, Gand 1979, Gao 2007, Gierlinski 1991, Gierlinski 1996, Gierlinski and Ahlberg 1994, Gierlinski et al. 2009, Haderer 1988, Haubold 1969, Heckert and Lucas 2000, Hitchcock 1845, Hitchcock 1848, Hitchcock 1898, Hunt et al. 1998, Hunt and Lucas 2006, Hunt and Lucas 2007, Kuhn 1958, Kuhn 1963, Lapparent 1945, Lapparent and Montenat 1967, Leonardi 1979, Leonardi and Mietto 2000, Li et al. 2010, Lockley 1992, Lockley et al. 2013, Lucas et al. 2006, Lucas et al. 2006, Lull 1904, Lull 1915, Lull 1917, Lull 1953, Madsen and Miller 1979, Mansel-Pleydell 1902, Mil├án and Gierlinski 2004, Milner et al. 2009, Niedźwiedzki 2011, Niedzwiedzki and Pienkowski 2004, Olsen and Galton 1984, Olsen et al. 1998, Owen 1861, Quenstedt 1882, Rainforth 2007, Salisbury et al. 2016, Taquet 1977, Vignaud et al. 1994, Weems 1987, Weems 2003, Weems 2006, Weishampel 2006, Xing et al. 2013, Yang and Yang 1987, Zhen et al. 1986 and Zhen et al. 1989

Sister taxa: Chapus, Jinlijingpus, Lufengopus, Megalosauripus

Subtaxa: Agialopous wyomingensis Anchisauripus (Grallator) Anchisauripus (Otouphepus) minor Anchisauripus australis Anchisauripus bibractensis Anchisauripus exsertus Anchisauripus gwyneddensis Anchisauripus milfordensis Anchisauripus poolei Anchisauripus thomasi Anchisauripus tuberosus Brontozoum expansum Brontozoum isodactylum Brontozoum thianschanicum Deuterotrisauropus deambulator Eubrontes (Brontozoum) Eubrontes (Grallator) Eubrontes (Ichnites) Eubrontes (Ornithichnites) Eubrontes cursorius Eubrontes fieldi Eubrontes giganteus Eubrontes glenrosensis Eubrontes lyellii Eubrontes monax Eubrontes pareschequier Eubrontes platypus Eubrontes sillimani Eubrontes tuberatus Eubrontes veillonensis Eubrontes xiyangensis Eubrontes zigongensis Fulicopus minor Gigandipus caudatus Gigandipus hei Grallator (Anchisauripus) hitchcocki Grallator (Anchisauripus) minusculus Grallator (Eubrontes) divaricatus Grallator (Grallator) Grallator andeolensis Grallator angustidigitus Grallator crassidigitus Grallator cuneatus Grallator damanei Grallator deambulator Grallator digitigradus Grallator emeiensis Grallator formosus Grallator gracilis Grallator graciosus Grallator lacunensis Grallator lambereshei Grallator leribeensis Grallator lescurei Grallator limnosus Grallator limosus Grallator magnificus Grallator matsiengensis Grallator maximus Grallator microiscus Grallator minimus Grallator minor Grallator mokanametsongensis Grallator molapoi Grallator morijensis Grallator moshoeshoei Grallator olonensis Grallator palustris Grallator princeps Grallator rapidus Grallator rectilineus Grallator sauclierensis Grallator socialis Grallator ssatoi Grallator sulcatus Grallator tenuis Grallator variabilis Grallator wuhuangensis Grallator yemiaoxiensis Otouphepus declivis Plastisauropus ingens Platysauropus robustus Prototrisauropus deambulator Prototrisauropus gardonensis

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Ecology: ground dwelling carnivore


• Cretaceous of Brazil (1 collection), China (6), United States (8: Texas)

• Jurassic of Canada (4: Nova Scotia), China (5), France (1), India (1), Italy (4), Lesotho (1), Morocco (4), Poland (1), the United Kingdom (2), United States (71: Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Utah, Virginia), Zimbabwe (1)

• Triassic to Jurassic of United States (5: Arizona, Utah)

• Triassic of Australia (1), Brazil (1), France (4), Slovakia (1), Sweden (1), Switzerland (1), United States (22: Arizona, Colorado, New Jersey, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Utah, Virginia)

Total: 146 collections including 228 occurrences

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