Trochocyathus lakii Duncan 1880 (stony coral)

Anthozoa - Scleractinia - Caryophylliidae

Synonyms: Cyrtocyathus collignoni Alloiteau 1958, Protrochocyathus pergratus Eliasova 1997, Trochocyathus desioi Rossi Ronchetti 1955, Trochocyathus hyatti Vaughan 1900, Trochocyathus libycus Rossi Ronchetti 1955

Belongs to Trochocyathus according to R. Baron-Szabo 2008

See also Alloiteau 1958, Baron-Szabo 2009, Eliasova 1997, Rossi Ronchetti 1955 and Vaughan 1900

Sister taxa: Trochocyathus (Aplocyathus), Trochocyathus (Platycyathus), Trochocyathus acutus, Trochocyathus adelaidensis, Trochocyathus androiavensis, Trochocyathus antsiranensis, Trochocyathus balanophylloides, Trochocyathus chevalieri, Trochocyathus cingulatus, Trochocyathus collignoni, Trochocyathus coloradoensis, Trochocyathus conulus, Trochocyathus crassus, Trochocyathus crooki, Trochocyathus cupuliformis, Trochocyathus depressus, Trochocyathus duncani, Trochocyathus egerius, Trochocyathus gardnerae, Trochocyathus hanzawai, Trochocyathus harveyanus, Trochocyathus hemisphaericus, Trochocyathus imparipartitus, Trochocyathus imperialis, Trochocyathus infracompressus, Trochocyathus laminus, Trochocyathus madagascariensis, Trochocyathus maplestonei, Trochocyathus mediterraneus, Trochocyathus mexicanum, Trochocyathus michelottii, Trochocyathus microphyes, Trochocyathus microphyllus, Trochocyathus mitratus, Trochocyathus nomlandi, Trochocyathus oregonensis, Trochocyathus paliscus, Trochocyathus perarmatus, Trochocyathus pergranulatus, Trochocyathus persicus, Trochocyathus planicostatus, Trochocyathus plicatus, Trochocyathus pyrenaicus, Trochocyathus revolutus, Trochocyathus sachalinensis, Trochocyathus schmidti, Trochocyathus sellardsi, Trochocyathus sismondae, Trochocyathus speciosus, Trochocyathus stantoni, Trochocyathus subarcuatus, Trochocyathus sublaevis, Trochocyathus taylorensis, Trochocyathus thorenti, Trochocyathus townsendensis, Trochocyathus uber, Trochocyathus valceppiensis, Trochocyathus wilkinsoni, Trochocyathus wiltshirei, Trochocyathus wintoni, Trochocyathus woolmani, Tethocyathus prahli, Tethocyathus walbersdorfensis, Paratrochocyathus cupuliformis

Type specimens:

  • Trochocyathus lakii: Its type locality is Laki Range, Sind, Pakistan, which is in a Danian marine horizon in Pakistan
  • Cyrtocyathus collignoni: Its type locality is Antonib√©, which is in a Maastrichtian marine horizon in Madagascar.
  • Protrochocyathus pergratus: Its type locality is Oskobrh-Hrebinek, Czechia, which is in a Coniacian carbonate limestone in the Rohatce Formation of the Czech Republic.
  • Trochocyathus desioi: Its type locality is Wadi Merdum, Sofeggin area, which is in a Maastrichtian marine limestone in Libya.
  • Trochocyathus hyatti: Its type locality is Black Bluff, which is in a Paleocene coastal claystone in the Sucarnochee Clay Formation of Alabama.
  • Trochocyathus libycus: Its type locality is Wadi Sofeggin, Orfella area, which is in a Maastrichtian marine limestone in Libya.

Ecology: stationary low-level epifaunal microcarnivore


• Eocene of New Zealand (1 collection)

• Paleocene of Pakistan (1)

• Cretaceous of the Czech Republic (1)

Total: 3 collections each including a single occurrence

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