Nacella (Patinigera) Dall 1905 (limpet)

Gastropoda - Patellida - Nacellidae

Alternative spelling: Patinigera

Parent taxon: Nacella according to S. N. Nielsen 2013

See also DeVries 2007 and Gordillo 1991

Sister taxa: Nacella (Nacella), Nacella baylei, Nacella mytilina

Subtaxa: Nacella (Patinigera) chalaensis Nacella (Patinigera) intiforma Nacella (Patinigera) magellanica Nacella (Patinigera) nielseni Nacella (Patinigera) oblea Nacella (Patinigera) oconaensis Nacella (Patinigera) reicheae

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Type: Patella magellanica

Ecology: facultatively mobile epifaunal grazer


• Quaternary of Argentina (11 collections)

• Pliocene to Pleistocene of Peru (1)

• Pliocene of Chile (1), Peru (2)

• Miocene of Argentina (1), Chile (1), Peru (3)

Total: 20 collections including 28 occurrences

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