Lingula fuyuanensis Liao 1980 (lamp shell)

Lingulata - Lingulida - Lingulidae

Full reference: Z. T. Liao. 1980. Upper Permian brachiopods from western Guizhou. Late Permian Stratigraphy and Fossils in Western Guizhou and Eastern Yunnan 241-277

Belongs to Lingula according to Z. T. Liao 1984

See also Peng and Shi 2008

Sister taxa: Lingula acutangula, Lingula adamsi, Lingula allingi, Lingula anatina, Lingula aoraki, Lingula arctica, Lingula beani, Lingula beanii, Lingula borealica, Lingula bravardi, Lingula briseis, Lingula carbonaria, Lingula clintoni, Lingula cobourgensis, Lingula complanata, Lingula craneae, Lingula credneri, Lingula cretacea, Lingula cuneata, Lingula curta, Lingula deitersensis, Lingula delia, Lingula demissa, Lingula densa, Lingula desiderata, Lingula dregeri, Lingula elliptica, Lingula elliptica, Lingula elongata, Lingula eva, Lingula foliaceusa, Lingula forbesi, Lingula freboldi, Lingula gorbyi, Lingula halli, Lingula huronensis, Lingula hyacinthensis, Lingula hyperborea, Lingula indianensis, Lingula ingens, Lingula jaspidea, Lingula kedonensis, Lingula kolymaensis, Lingula lamellata, Lingula ligea, Lingula liurjakhensis, Lingula longoviciensis, Lingula louisianensis, Lingula marginata, Lingula marginia, Lingula meeki, Lingula membranacea, Lingula metensis, Lingula minima, Lingula morsei, Lingula nanimensis, Lingula nikitini, Lingula nitida, Lingula nympha, Lingula oblata, Lingula obtusa, Lingula olenekensis, Lingula ovalis, Lingula ovata, Lingula parva, Lingula percorrugata, Lingula philomela, Lingula progne, Lingula reevei, Lingula reevii, Lingula riciniformis, Lingula rostrum, Lingula sacculus, Lingula selwyni, Lingula spatulata, Lingula squamiformis, Lingula sterlini, Lingula sturti, Lingula subcircularis, Lingula subelliptica, Lingula subovalis, Lingula subspatulata, Lingula subtenuissima, Lingula suessi, Lingula sulcatiferea, Lingula tenuis, Lingula translucida, Lingula truncata, Lingula tumida, Lingula tumidula, Lingula varsoviensis, Lingula whitfieldi, Lingula xinlinensis, Lingulipora zhexiensis

Type specimen: NIGP 43370, a shell. Its type locality is Qingyun Section Bed 50 (FQ-36), Fuyuan County, which is in a Griesbachian marine siliciclastic in the Kayitou Formation of China.

Ecology: facultatively mobile infaunal suspension feeder


• Triassic of China (23 collections)

• Permian of China (10)

Total: 33 collections each including a single occurrence

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