†family Roveacrinidae Peck 1943 (Sea lily)

Crinoidea - Cladida - Roveacrinidae

Parent taxon: Articulata according to R. E. Peck 1943

See also Hess and Gale 2010

Sister taxa: Bourgueticrinida, Comatulida, Comatulidae, Cyrtocrinida, Encrinida, Holocrinida, Hyocrinida, Isocrinida, Isocrinites, Lanternocrinidae, Leocrinidae, Millericrinida, Qingyanocrinidae, Roveacrinida, Uintacrinida

Subtaxa: Discocrinus Roveacrinus Somphocrinus

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Type: Roveacrinus

Ecology: stationary intermediate-level epifaunal suspension feeder


• Cretaceous of France (2 collections), Spain (1), the United Kingdom (2)

• Triassic of Austria (1), Italy (1), Mexico (1), Norway (1)

Total: 9 collections including 12 occurrences

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