†family Synaptitidae Frizzell and Exline 1955 (sea cucumber)

Holothuroidea - Apodida - Synaptitidae

Full reference: D. L. Frizzell and H. Exline. 1955. Monograph of fossil holothurian sclerites. Bulletin of the Missouri University School of Metallurgy and Mines, Technical series 89:1-204

Parent taxon: Apodida according to D. L. Pawson 1966

See also Deflandre-Rigaud 1962, Frizzell and Exline 1955 and Frizzell and Exline 1966

Sister taxa: Achistridae, Calcancoridae, Chiridotidae, Holothuriopsis, Myriotrochidae, Myriotrochus, Porachistrum, Synapta, Synaptidae, Theeliidae

Subtaxa: Auricularites Croneisites Synaptites

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Ecology: epifaunal detritivore


• Miocene of Poland (1 collection)

• Oligocene of Germany (1)

• Eocene of France (1)

• Jurassic of France (1), the United Kingdom (1)

Total: 5 collections including 14 occurrences

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