†family Discoididae Lambert 1900 (sea urchin)

Echinoidea - Holectypoida - Discoididae

Alternative spellings: Discoidesidae, Discoidinae

Full reference: J. Lambert. 1900. Étude sur quelques échinides de l’infra-Lias et du Lias. Bulletin de la Société des Sciences Historiques et Naturelles de l’Yonne 53(2):3-57

Parent taxon: Holectypoida according to A. Kroh and A. B. Smith 2010

See also Smiser 1935 and Wagner and Durham 1966

Sister taxa: Adelopneustes, Anorthopygidae, Coenholectypidae, Conoclypina, Duperieria, Echinogalerus, Holectypidae, Holectypina, Neoglobator, Pyrina

Subtaxa: Camerogalerus Discoides Dixonia Lanieria

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Type: Discoides

Ecology: semi-infaunal detritivore


• Cretaceous of Cuba (2 collections), France (31), Hungary (3), Morocco (1), Poland (10), Serbia and Montenegro (1), Spain (6), Switzerland (2), the United Kingdom (11), United States (2: Texas)

Total: 69 collections including 82 occurrences

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