Order Holectypoida Duncan 1889 (sea urchin)

Echinoidea - Holectypoida

Full reference: P. M. Duncan. 1889. A revision of the genera and great groups of the Echinoidea. Journal of the Linnean Society, Zoology 23:1-311

Parent taxon: Irregularia according to A. Kroh and A. B. Smith 2010

See also Berndt 2003, Donovan 1993, Sepkoski 2002, Smith 1991, Smith 1995 and Wagner and Durham 1966

Sister taxa: Atelostomata, Echinoneoida, Microstomata, Pygasteridae

Subtaxa: Adelopneustes Anorthopygidae Coenholectypidae Conoclypina Discoididae Duperieria Echinogalerus Holectypidae Holectypina Neoglobator Pyrina

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Ecology: semi-infaunal detritivore

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