Family Heterothripidae Bagnall 1912 (thrips)

Insecta - Thysanoptera - Heterothripidae

Full reference: R. S. Bagnall. 1912. Some considerations in regard to the classification of the Order Thysanoptera. The Annals and Magazine of Natural History, Eighth Series 10:220-222

Parent taxon: Thysanoptera according to L. A. Mound 1968

See also Bagnall 1912

Sister taxa: Liassothripidae, Lophioneurina, Stenurothripidae, Terebrantia, Thrips annosa, Thrips annulata, Thrips antiqua, Thrips oeningensis, Thrips sericata, Triassothripidae, Tubulifera, Uzelothripidae

Subtaxa: Hemithrips Heterothrips Protothrips

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• Oligocene of Germany (3 collections)

• Eocene of the Russian Federation (4)

Total: 7 collections including 16 occurrences

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