Spirifer Sowerby 1818 (lamp shell)

Rhynchonellata - Spiriferida - Spiriferidae

Alternative spelling: Delthyris (Spirifer)

Synonym: Spirifera Phillips 1836

Full reference: J. Sowerby. 1818. No. XXX in the mineral conchology of Great Britain; or colored figures and descriptions of those remains of testaceous animals or shells, which have been preserved at various times and depths in the Earth. The mineral conchology of Great Britain 3:1-194

Parent taxon: Spiriferinae according to A. Williams et al. 2006

See also Campbell and Engel 1963, Pearson 1977 and Sepkoski 2002

Sister taxa: Ectochoristites, Grandispirifer, Larispirifer, Latispirifer, Mesochorispira, Warsawia

Subtaxa: Spirifer (Lamellispirifer) Spirifer acutiplicatus Spirifer albertensis Spirifer argentarius Spirifer baschkirica Spirifer battu Spirifer battus Spirifer bistritzae Spirifer brandis Spirifer brazerianus Spirifer byrangi Spirifer cascadensis Spirifer centronatus Spirifer chappelensis Spirifer concentricus Spirifer crebristria Spirifer dichotomus Spirifer distefanii Spirifer duodecimcostata Spirifer dvinaensis Spirifer enderlei Spirifer engelgardthi Spirifer fayettevillensis Spirifer gregeri Spirifer haydenianus Spirifer holodnensis Spirifer incertus Spirifer increbescens Spirifer jilinensis Spirifer liangchowensis Spirifer lirellus Spirifer macrus Spirifer malistanensis Spirifer mercurii Spirifer missouriensis Spirifer munsteri Spirifer obtusus Spirifer opimus Spirifer orthiformis Spirifer pellaensis Spirifer pentagonoides Spirifer pentlandi Spirifer piassinaensis Spirifer postventricosus Spirifer pseudotasmaniensis Spirifer rakuszi Spirifer rariplectus Spirifer rockymontanus Spirifer schellwieni Spirifer siculus Spirifer sol Spirifer spitiensis Spirifer spurius Spirifer striatus Spirifer subgrandiformis Spirifer suborbicularis Spirifer supracarbonicus Spirifer supramosquensis Spirifer tareiaensis Spirifer undata Spirifer uralicus Spirifer utahensis Spirifera annectans Spirifera convoluta Spirifera desiderata Spirifera disjuncta Spirifera dubia Spirifera engelmanni Spirifera lata Spirifera neglecta Spirifera parryana Spirifera schmidti Spirifera trigonalis Spirifera varicosa

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Ecology: stationary epifaunal suspension feeder


• Jurassic of the United Kingdom (2 collections)

• Triassic of Germany (1), Italy (2), United States (1: Nevada)

• Permian of Australia (9), Austria (1), Canada (1: Nunavut), China (8), India (7), Indonesia (1), Italy (5), Japan (1), Laos (2), Pakistan (13), the Russian Federation (3), Slovenia (1), United States (6: Alaska, Texas)

• Desmoinesian of United States (24: Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania)

• Atokan of United States (1: Missouri)

• Pennsylvanian of Belize (4), Canada (1: Nunavut), United States (3: Alaska, California)

• Namurian of Australia (4)

• Chesterian of Canada (4: Alberta), United States (13: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Montana, Virginia)

• Osagean of Canada (2: Alberta, Northwest Territories), United States (21: California, Indiana, Montana, New Mexico, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia)

• Carboniferous to Permian of Bolivia (1)

• Carboniferous of Afghanistan (4), Australia (39), Bosnia and Herzegovina (1), Brazil (1), Canada (71: Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Yukon), China (6), Egypt (2), India (5), Ireland (2), Mexico (1), Morocco (1), Peru (4), the Russian Federation (2), Svalbard and Jan Mayen (2), the United Kingdom (42), United States (197: Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Idaho-Utah, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia)

• Mississippian of United States (34: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Utah)

• Couvinien of Australia (1)

• Devonian of Afghanistan (2), Algeria (2), Brazil (2), Canada (8: New Brunswick, Nunavut, Ontario, Quebec), China (2), Colombia (2), France (5), Germany (4), Italy (2), Luxembourg (1), Morocco (7), New Zealand (1), Peru (1), the Russian Federation (1), Spain (3), Tajikistan (1), the United Kingdom (1), United States (164: Alaska, California, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia), Vietnam (1)

• Silurian to Devonian of Algeria (2), Morocco (1)

• Silurian of Australia (1), Morocco (4), United States (46: Alaska, California, Maryland, New York, West Virginia)

• Niagaran of United States (1: Ohio)

• Ordovician of Canada (1: Nunavut)

Total: 823 collections including 1065 occurrences

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