†family Protorothyrididae Price 1937 (eureptile)

Reptilia - Eureptilia - Protorothyrididae

Alternative spelling: Protothyrididae

Full reference: L.I. Price. 1937. Two new cotylosaurs from the Permian of Texas. Proceedings of the New England Zoölogical Club 16:97-102

Parent taxon: Eureptilia according to J. Müller and R. R. Reisz 2006

See also Boy and Martens 1991, Carroll 1988, Carroll and Baird 1972, Kuhn 1946, Kuhn 1966, Martens et al. 2005 and Price 1937

Sister taxa: Captorhina, Captorhinidae, Parapsida, Romeriida, Thuringothyris

Subtaxa: Paleothyris Romeriidae

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Type: Protorothyris



• Permian of United States (3: Oklahoma, Texas, West Virginia collections)

• Carboniferous of Canada (3: Nova Scotia), the Czech Republic (1), United States (2: Illinois, Ohio)

Total: 9 collections including 14 occurrences

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