†family Cimolopterygidae Brodkorb 1963 (shorebird)

Aves - Charadriiformes - Cimolopterygidae

Full reference: P. Brodkorb. 1963. Birds from the Upper Cretaceous of Wyoming. Proceedings of the XIII International Ornithological Congress 55-70

Parent taxon: Charadriiformes according to J. Cracraft 1972

See also Brodkorb 1963 and Carroll 1988

Sister taxa: Alcae, Burhinidae, Charadrii, Charadriidae, Chionidae, Dakotornithidae, Glareolidae, Graculavidae, Graculavus, Haematopodidae, Hydrophasianus, Jacanidae, Lari, Laridae, Laromorphae, Limicolae, Panalcidae, Parrae, Pedionomae, Pedionomidae, Recurvirostridae, Rhinoptilus, Rynchops, Sarjeantopodus, Scolopaci, Scolopacidae, Stercorariidae, Telmatornis, Telmatornithidae, Thinocoridae, Turnicidae, Volgavis

Subtaxa: Ceramornis Cimolopteryx Lamarqueavis

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Ecology: ground dwelling carnivore


• Cretaceous of Argentina (1 collection), Canada (1: Saskatchewan), United States (4: Montana, Wyoming)

Total: 6 collections including 10 occurrences

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