Family Tenrecidae Gray 1821 (tenrec)

Mammalia - Tribosphenida - Tenrecidae

Full reference: J. E. Gray. 1821. On the natural arrangement of vertebrose animals. The London Medical Repository Monthly Journal and Review 15:296-310

Parent taxon: Tenrecoidea according to E. R. Seiffert 2007

See also Asher et al. 2005, Asher and Helgen 2010, Carroll 1988, Douady et al. 2002, Gray 1821, Madsen et al. 2001, Nowak 1991 and Van Valen 1967

Sister taxa: Afrosoricida, Chrysochloridae, Plesiorycteropus, Qatranilestes, Jawharia, Widanelfarasia, Dilambdogale

Subtaxa: Arenagale Echinops Geogale Limnogale Microgale Ndamathaia Oryzorictinae Parageogale Potamogalinae Setifer Sperrgale Tenrec Tenrecinae

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Ecology: ground dwelling insectivore-carnivore


• Quaternary of Madagascar (2 collections), Reunion (1)

• Miocene of Namibia (1)

• Eocene of Namibia (2)

Total: 6 collections including 17 occurrences

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