Family Natalidae Gray 1866 (funnel-eared bat)

Mammalia - Chiroptera - Natalidae

Parent taxon: Chiroptera according to R. M. Nowak 1991

See also Carroll 1988

Sister taxa: Aegyptonycteridae, Animalivora, Archaeopteropus, Craseonycteridae, Eochiroptera, Fructivorae, Frugivora, Furipteridae, Insectivorae, Megachiroptera, Megadermatidae, Microchiroptera, Microchiropteramorpha, Mixopteryx, Molossidae, Myzopodidae, Noctilionoidea, Nycterididae, Onychonycteridae, Phyllostomidae, Rhinolophidae, Rhinopomatidae, Thyropteridae, Vesperugo

Subtaxa: Ageina Honrovits Natalus Primonatalus

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Type: Natalus

Ecology: volant insectivore


• Quaternary of Antigua and Barbuda (1 collection), the Bahamas (2)

• Miocene of United States (1: Florida)

• Oligocene of United States (1: Florida)

• Eocene of France (2), United States (4: Utah, Wyoming)

Total: 11 collections including 12 occurrences

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