†subfamily Goniograpti Bulman 1970 (graptolite)

Pterobranchia - Graptoloidea - Dichograptidae

Technically ranked as a "section" grade, but ranking as subfamily because below family rank.

Full reference: O. M. B. Bulman. 1970. Graptolithina with sections on Enteropneusta and Pterobranchia (Second edition, revised and enlarged). Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology V:V1-V163

Parent taxon: Dichograptidae according to O. M. B. Bulman 1970

Sister taxa: Clonograptus, Dichograpti, Dichograptinae, Dichograptus, Didymograpti, Didymograptus, Etagraptus, Loganograptus, Orthodichograptus, Schizograpti, Temnograpti, Tetragrapti

Subtaxa: Anomalograptus Brachiograptus Oslograptus Stellatograptus Triaenograptus Yushanograptus Zygograptus

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Ecology: passively mobile planktonic suspension feeder


• Ordovician of Argentina (2 collections), United States (1: Alaska)

• Dawan of China (1)

• Ningkuo of China (1)

Total: 5 collections each including a single occurrence

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