Subfamily Ophiurinae Lyman 1865 (brittle star)

Ophiuroidea - Ophiurida - Ophiuridae

Full reference: T. Lyman. 1865. Ophiuroidae and Astrophytidae. Illustrated Catalogue of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 1:1-200

Parent taxon: Ophiuridae according to W. K. Spencer and C. W. Wright 1966

See also Calzada and GutiƩrrez 1988, Radwanski 2002, Smith et al. 1995 and Thuy and Kroh 2011

Sister taxa: Felderophiura, Huangzhishania, Ophiocrossota, Ophiocten, Ophioleucinae, Ophiura, Ophiurites

Subtaxa: Aspiduriella Cholaster Ophiotitanos Praeaplocoma

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Ecology: slow-moving low-level epifaunal detritivore-suspension feeder


• Cretaceous of France (2 collections), the United Kingdom (3)

• Triassic of Bulgaria (1), Germany (5), Italy (12), Poland (7), Slovenia (1), Spain (1), United States (2: Idaho), Vietnam (1)

Total: 35 collections including 43 occurrences

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