Family Ophidiasteridae Verrill 1870 (sea star)

Asteroidea - Valvatida - Ophidiasteridae

Full reference: A. E. Verrill. 1870. Notes on the Radiata in the Museum of Yale College, 3. On the geographical distribution of echinoderms of the Pacific Coast of America. Transactions of the Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences 1(2):323-351

Parent taxon: Valvatida according to D. B. Blake 1989

See also Gale 1987, Gale 2011, Mah and Blake 2012 and Spencer and Wright 1966

Sister taxa: Acanthasteridae, Archasteridae, Asteriaceros, Asterinidae, Asterodiscididae, Asteropseidae, Chaetasteridae, Ganeriidae, Geinitzaster, Goniasteridae, Goniasteroidea, Granulosina, Leptaster, Mithrodiidae, Odontasteridae, Oreasteridae, Poraniidae, Pycinasteridae, Sphaerasteridae, Stauranderasteridae, Tumulosina

Subtaxa: Altairia Certonardoa Chariaster Denebia Linckia Nardoa Ophidiaster Sladenia

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Type: Ophidiaster

Ecology: epifaunal omnivore


• Cretaceous of Egypt (1 collection), United States (6: Texas)

Total: 7 collections including 11 occurrences

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