Conus marylandicus Green 1830 (cone shell)

Gastropoda - Neogastropoda - Conidae

Alternative combinations: Conus (Ximeniconus) marylandicus, Ximeniconus marylandicus

Belongs to Conus according to J. R. Hendricks 2008

See also Martin 1904, Olsson 1967, Petuch 1988 and Petuch 2004

Sister taxa: Conus (Asprella), Conus (Atlanticonus), Conus (Chelyoconus), Conus (Cleobula), Conus (Conolithes), Conus (Contraconus), Conus (Conus), Conus (Dauciconus), Conus (Dendroconus), Conus (Ductoconus), Conus (Hemiconus), Conus (Lautoconus), Conus (Leptoconus), Conus (Lithoconus), Conus (Magelliconus), Conus (Spuriconus), Conus (Stephanoconus), Conus (Virgiconus), Conus (Ximeniconus), Conus achatinus, Conus acolus, Conus acrotholoides, Conus acutangulus, Conus aemulator, Conus affinis, Conus agassizii, Conus alaquaensis, Conus alleni, Conus almagrensis, Conus ambonos, Conus ammiralis, Conus anabathrum, Conus ancylus, Conus aneuretos, Conus angosturis, Conus anningae, Conus aquoreus, Conus archon, Conus arcuatus, Conus ardisiaceus, Conus arenatus, Conus armentrouti, Conus aulicus, Conus beali, Conus berryi, Conus bhagothorensis, Conus bocapanensis, Conus boggsi, Conus bonaczyi, Conus bramkampi, Conus bravoi, Conus burckhardti, Conus cacuminatus, Conus caleocius, Conus californiana, Conus canonicus, Conus capitanellus, Conus carcarensis, Conus catenatus, Conus catus, Conus cedonulli, Conus chaldaeus, Conus chipolanus, Conus clarki, Conus coelinae, Conus colombiensis, Conus complicatus, Conus conica, Conus consobrinus, Conus cookei, Conus corrugatus, Conus costatus, Conus cowlitzensis, Conus crenospiratus, Conus cuspidatus, Conus daucus, Conus delessertii, Conus deluvianus, Conus demiurgus, Conus deperditus, Conus dingleanus, Conus distans, Conus diversiformis, Conus dodona, Conus draperi, Conus drezi, Conus dujardini, Conus durhami, Conus duvali, Conus ebraeus, Conus eburneus, Conus emersoni, Conus ermineus, Conus erugatus, Conus evergladesensis, Conus fergusoni, Conus flavidus, Conus furvoides, Conus fusiformis, Conus gabbi, Conus gardnerae, Conus generalis, Conus goodwini, Conus gracilissimus, Conus granarius, Conus granozonatoides, Conus granozonatus, Conus grateloupi, Conus guppyi, Conus harveyensis, Conus herklotsi, Conus hertwecki, Conus heterospira, Conus honkeri, Conus hornii, Conus hyshugari, Conus imitator, Conus imperialis, Conus infulatus, Conus interstinctus, Conus isomatratus, Conus jaclynae, Conus jaspideus, Conus javanus, Conus juanensis, Conus junghuhni, Conus karlschmidti, Conus largillierti, Conus larvatus, Conus laurenae, Conus leonensis, Conus ligatus, Conus limonensis, Conus lisboae, Conus lividus, Conus longisperatus, Conus lyelli, Conus magus, Conus marmoreus, Conus marymansfeldae, Conus maureenae, Conus mediterraneus, Conus miles, Conus mindanus, Conus molis, Conus musaensis, Conus musicus, Conus mustelinus, Conus nannus, Conus nemorideditus, Conus nussatella, Conus oniscus, Conus ornatus, Conus palmerae, Conus parkeri, Conus parvulus, Conus patricius, Conus paulae, Conus pauperculus, Conus pernodosus, Conus perplexus, Conus pertusus, Conus peruvianus, Conus planiceps, Conus planorbis, Conus postalveatus, Conus praecipuus, Conus ptychodermis, Conus puncticulatus, Conus pusillus, Conus pyriformis, Conus quercinus, Conus rachelae, Conus rapunculus, Conus rattus, Conus regularis, Conus remondii, Conus ruckmani, Conus sarasotaensis, Conus sauridens, Conus scalaris, Conus sextoni, Conus smithvillensis, Conus spenceri, Conus spurius, Conus spuroides, Conus stibarus, Conus striatellus, Conus striatus, Conus stromboides, Conus submoniliferus, Conus sugillatus, Conus sulculus, Conus susanae, Conus talis, Conus tapetus, Conus taphrus, Conus tessulatus, Conus tjidamarensis, Conus tortuosopunctatus, Conus trajectionis, Conus tricoratus, Conus trinitatensis, Conus tristensis, Conus tuberacola, Conus tulipa, Conus turbinopsis, Conus turritus, Conus ultimus, Conus vaderensis, Conus vanattai, Conus vanhyningi, Conus vaughani, Conus veatchi, Conus vegrandis, Conus venezuelanus, Conus vexillum, Conus violetae, Conus virgo, Conus vitius, Conus waltonensis, Conus warreni, Conus washingtonensis, Conus weaveri, Conus weltoni, Conus williamgabbi, Conus wilsoni, Conus ximenes, Conus yaquensis

Ecology: epifaunal carnivore


• Quaternary of United States (3: Florida collections)

• Pliocene of United States (4: South Carolina, Virginia)

Total: 7 collections each including a single occurrence

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