Gschliefgraben, Gmunden, Late Campanian (Cretaceous of Austria)

Where: Austria (47.9° N, 13.8° E: paleocoordinates 33.6° N, 16.0° E)

• coordinate based on nearby landmark

• local area-level geographic resolution

When: Late/Upper Campanian (83.5 - 70.6 Ma)

• formation-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: offshore; lithified, gray lime mudstone

Size class: macrofossils

Preservation: cast

Primary reference: A. Kroh. 2004. Additional records of Late Cretaceous and Early Paleogene echinoids from the Gschliefgraben (Ultrahelvetic, Upper Austria). Acta Geologica Polonica 54(4):551-571 [L. Villier/L. Villier/L. Villier]more details

Purpose of describing collection: general faunal/floral analysis

PaleoDB collection 48008: authorized by Loic Villier, entered by Loic Villier on 10.03.2005

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

 Decapoda - Tumidocarcinidae
? Xanthilites sp.1 Bell 1858 crab
 Isopoda - Cirolanidae
Palaega huetteri n. sp.1 pill bug
 Scalpelliformes - Scalpellidae
 Myalinida - Inoceramidae
"Endocostea impressa" = Inoceramus (Endocostea)4 clam
"Inoceramus regularis" = Endocostea regularis4 d'Orbigny 1845 clam
"? Cordiceramus aff. heberti" = Inoceramus (Cordiceramus)4 clam
 Pectinida - Pectinoidae
"Microchlamys wisniowskii" = Dhondtichlamys3
"Microchlamys wisniowskii" = Dhondtichlamys3 scallop
 Cardiida - Cardiidae
Cardiidae indet.3 Lamarck 1809 cockle
 Poromyida - Cuspidariidae
 Pholadomyida - Pholadomyidae
 Ammonitida - Kossmaticeratidae
? Yokoyamaoceras sp.3 Wright and Matsumoto 1954 ammonite
 Ammonitida - Pachydiscidae
"Anapachydiscus arialoorensis" = Menuites3, Pachydiscus perfidus3, "Pachydiscus haldemsis" = Pachydiscus (Pachydiscus) haldemsis3, "Pachydiscus cf. subrobustus" = Pachydiscus (Pachydiscus) subrobustus3
"Anapachydiscus arialoorensis" = Menuites3 ammonite
"Pachydiscus haldemsis" = Pachydiscus (Pachydiscus) haldemsis3 Schluter 1867 ammonite
"Pachydiscus cf. subrobustus" = Pachydiscus (Pachydiscus) subrobustus3 Seunes 1892 ammonite
 Ammonitida - Desmoceratidae
Desmophyllites larteti3 Seunes 1891 ammonite
Hauericeras fayoli3 de Grossouvre 1894 ammonite
Kitchinites sp.3 Spath 1922 ammonite
 Ammonitida - Placenticeratidae
Hoplitoplacenticeras preyi n. sp.3 Kennedy and Summesberger 1999 ammonite
mentioned as Hoplioplacenticeras (Hoplitoplacenticeras) preyi
 Ammonitida - Gaudryceratidae
 Ammonitida - Tetragonitidae
Saghalinites cf. cala3 Forbes 1846 ammonite
 Ammonitida - Scaphitidae
Trachyscaphites pulcherrimus3 Roemer 1841 ammonite
 Ammonitida - Baculitidae
Baculites sp.3 Lamarck 1799 ammonite
three distinct species
 Ammonitida - Nostoceratidae
Bostrychoceras polyplocum3 Roemer 1841 ammonite
Didymoceras binodosum3 Kennedy and Cobban 1993 ammonite
Didymoceras donezianum3 Michailov 1951 ammonite
Nostoceras sp.3 Hyatt 1894 ammonite
 Ammonitida - Diplomoceratidae
Pseudoxybeloceras pseudoarmatum3 Schluter 1872 ammonite
mentioned as Pseudoxybeloceras (Schlueterella) pseudoarmatum
Polyptychoceras obliquecostatum3 Schluter 1872 ammonite
mentioned as Polyptychoceras (Polyptychoceras) obliquecostatum
Polyptychoceras cf. pseudogaultinum3 Yokoyama 1890 ammonite
mentioned as Polyptychoceras (Polyptychoceras) pseudogaultinum
Pseudoxybeloceras sp.3 Wright and Matsumoto 1954 ammonite
mentioned as Pseudoxybeloceras (Schlueterella) sp.
Pseudoxybeloceras wirneckei3 ammonite
mentioned as Pseudoxybeloceras (Parasolenoceras) wieneckei
Pseudoxybeloceras phaleratum3 ammonite
mentioned as Pseudoxybeloceras (Parasolenoceras) phaleratum
Pseudoxybeloceras interruptum3 Schlüter 1872 ammonite
mentioned as Pseudoxybeloceras (Parasolenoceras) interruptum
"Neoglyptoxoceras cf. retrorsum" = Glyptoxoceras retrorsum3 Schlüter 1872 ammonite
Neancyloceras bipunctatum3 Schlüter 1872 ammonite
 Phylloceratida - Phylloceratidae
Phylloceras sp.3 Suess 1865 ammonite
 Holasteroida - Holasteridae
? Lampadocorys estermanni n. sp. sea urchin
Lampadocorys sp. Pomel 1883 sea urchin
Echinocorys sp.2 Leske 1778 sea urchin
Cardiaster ex gr. cordiformis2 sea urchin
mentioned as Cardiaster gr. cordiformis/granulosus
 Holasteroida -
 Spatangoida -
 Spatangoida - Micrasteridae
Micraster stolleyi heart urchin
Micraster aturicus heart urchin
Micraster ex gr. schroederi2 Stolley 1892 heart urchin
mentioned as Micraster gr. schroederi/glyphus
 Isocrinida - Isselicrinidae