Clade Elopomorpha Greenwood et al. 1966 (ray-finned fish)

Actinopteri - Teleostei

Full reference: P. H. Greenwood, D. E. Rosen, S. H. Weitzman and G. S. Myers. 1966. Phyletic studies of teleostean fishes, with a provisional classification of living forms. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 131(4):339-456

Parent taxon: Elopocephala according to R. Betancur et al. 2013

See also Bannikov 2014, Carnevale 2007, Ebersole et al. 2019, Fielitz and Bardack 1992, Forey et al. 2003, Long 2011, Nelson 2006, Nelson et al. 2016, Nolf and Dockery 1990 and Poyato-Ariza and Wenz 1993

Sister taxa: none

Subtaxa: Albuliformes Anguilliformes Elopiformes Megalopiformes Naiathaelon Notacanthiformes Saccopharygiformes Saccopharyngiformes

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