Vermiceras (Paracaloceras) Spath 1923

Cephalopoda - Ammonitida - Arietitidae

Alternative spelling: Paracaloceras

Synonyms: Alpinoceras Lange 1941, Centauroceras Blind 1963, Vermiceras (Alpinoceras) Lange 1941, Vermiceras (Centauroceras) Blind 1963

Parent taxon: Vermiceras according to M. K. Howarth 2013

See also Bloos 1994 and Longridge et al. 2008

Sister taxa: Vermiceras (Gyrophioceras), Vermiceras (Vermiceras), Vermiceras densicostatum, Protocymbites azzouzi, Metophioceras galaczi, Metophioceras rotarium, Metophioceras trigonatum, Metophioceras rotticus

Subtaxa: Alpinoceras perspiratum Paracaloceras concavum Paracaloceras coregonense Paracaloceras haueri Paracaloceras multicostatum Paracaloceras rursicostatum Paracaloceras varaense

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• Jurassic of Argentina (3 collections), Austria (7), Canada (38: British Columbia), Chile (4), Indonesia (1), Italy (2), Mexico (2), United States (10: Alaska, Nevada, Oregon)

• Triassic to Jurassic of Austria (1)

Total: 68 collections including 85 occurrences

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