Subfamily Ischaliidae Blair 1920 (false fire-colored beetle)

Insecta - Coleoptera - Ischaliidae

Alternative spelling: Ischaliinae

Full reference: K. G. Blair. 1920. Notes on the coleopterous genus Ischalia Pascoe (fam. Pyrochroidae), with descriptions of two new species from the Philippine Islands. The Entomologist’s Monthly Magazine 56:133-135

Parent taxon: Tenebrionoidea according to C. Y. Cai et al. 2022

See also Alekseev and Telnov 2016, Blair 1920, Bouchard et al. 2011 and Lawrence and Newton 1995

Sister taxa: Aderidae, Afreminae, Anthicidae, Archaeoripiphorus, Archeocrypticidae, Boridae, Chalcodryidae, Ciidae, Cossyphodinae, Eurygenius wickhami, Fushunicucujus, Glypta, Kulindrobor, Lagrioidinae, Liaoximordellidae, Melandryidae, Meloidae, Mordellidae, Mycetophagidae, Mycteridae, Neopolypria, Oedemeridae, Perimylopidae, Prostomidae, Prototrichalus, Pterogeniidae, Pyrochroidae, Pythidae, Rhipiphoridae, Ripiphoridae, Salpingidae, Samlandotoma, Scraptiidae, Stenotrachelidae, Synchroidae, Tenebrionidae, Tetratomidae, Trachelostenidae, Trictenotomidae, Ulodidae, Zopheridae

Subtaxa: Ischalia

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Type: Ischalia



• Eocene of the Russian Federation (3 collections)

Total: 3 collections each including a single occurrence

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