Family Ciidae Leach 1819 (minute tree-fungus beetle)

Insecta - Coleoptera - Ciidae

Alternative spelling: Cisidae

Full reference: W. E. Leach. 1819. Taxonomic names. The Entomologist’s Useful Compendium; or an Introduction to the Knowledge of British Insects, Comprising the Best Means of Obtaining and Preserving them, and a Description of the Apparatus Generally Used; Together with the Genera of Linné, and the Modern Method of Arranging the Classes Crustacea, Myriapoda, Spiders, Mites and Insects, from their Affinities and Structure, According to the views of Dr. Leach. Also an Explanation of the Terms Used in Entomology; a Calendar of the Times of Appearance and Usual Situations of near 3,000 Species of British Insects 1-448

Parent taxon: Tenebrionoidea according to C. Y. Cai et al. 2022

See also Bouchard et al. 2011, Crowson 1981 and Lawrence and Newton 1995

Sister taxa: Aderidae, Afreminae, Anthicidae, Archaeoripiphorus, Archeocrypticidae, Boridae, Chalcodryidae, Cossyphodinae, Eurygenius wickhami, Fushunicucujus, Glypta, Ischaliidae, Kulindrobor, Lagrioidinae, Liaoximordellidae, Melandryidae, Meloidae, Mordellidae, Mycetophagidae, Mycteridae, Neopolypria, Oedemeridae, Perimylopidae, Prostomidae, Prototrichalus, Pterogeniidae, Pyrochroidae, Pythidae, Rhipiphoridae, Ripiphoridae, Salpingidae, Samlandotoma, Scraptiidae, Stenotrachelidae, Synchroidae, Tenebrionidae, Tetratomidae, Trachelostenidae, Trictenotomidae, Ulodidae, Zopheridae

Subtaxa: Ciinae Sphindociinae

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Type: Cis



• Quaternary of Greenland (1 collection)

• Oligocene of Germany (1)

• Eocene of the United Kingdom (1)

Total: 3 collections each including a single occurrence

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