†family Stalicoolithidae Wang et al. 2012 (dinosaur)

Reptilia - Stalicoolithidae

Full reference: Q. Wang, X. Wang, Z. Zhao and Y. Jiang. 2012. A new oofamily of dinosaur egg from the Upper Cretaceous of Tiantai Basin, Zhejiang Province, and its mechanism of eggshell formation. Chinese Science Bulletin 57(28–29):3740-3747

Parent taxon: Dinosauria according to Q. Wang et al. 2012

Sister taxa: Ancistrodon, Astrodon pusillus, Carnosauriformes, Dictyoolithidae, Diplodocia, Dongyangoolithidae, Dystrophaeidae, Fusioolithidae, Gigantosauropus, Harpagosauria, Herreravia, Huanglongpus, Iguanodonichnus, Lagunculapes, Megalosauridae, Mirsosauropus, Mosaicoolithus, Neosauropus, Nyasasaurus, Omosaurus phillipsi, Ornithischiformes, Paleodinosauria, Phytodinosauria, Phytophagi, Polyclonoolithidae, Postpubici, Praepubici, Prismatoolithidae, Saurischia, Sauropodichnus, Similifaveoloolithidae, Sinoichnites, Therophagi, Theropoda, Therosauria, Toyamasauripus, Tretospondylia, Xiphopeza, Youngoolithidae, Yunnanpus, Ornithischia

Subtaxa: Coralloidoolithus Shixingoolithus Stalicoolithus

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Type: Stalicoolithus



• Cretaceous of China (12 collections), South Korea (3)

Total: 15 collections including 16 occurrences

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